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Science at Enfield College

There are certainly plenty of Colleges where you can go and study science, and so there should be, science is, after all, an important part of modern life and that is precisely why so many colleges teach it.

So the question you will be asking is'"Why should I come to Ponders End to study Science at Enfield College?'

Well if you live locally the answer might appear to be fairly obvious, because it is nearby!! However, there is much more to it than that...

Why we are a good College?

  • We treat our students as mature independent learners.
  • We have excellent learning resources and support facilities.
  • Committed, caring and dedicated teachers.
  • There is good progression from lower to higher courses.

....and our students told OFSTED inspectors about ...

  • (the) friendly and secure environment.
  • supportive and helpful teachers.
  • helpful support with personal and financial issues.
  • being valued and treated with respect.
  • good induction to the college.


Blessing Umweni

GNVQ Intermediate Science - July 2003
Blessing came to College straight
from school.

"The tutors are delightful
and really supportive.
They helped me in many
different ways, including the coursework.
I am now doing AS levels in Chemistry, Biology and
Physics because I hope to study medicine".

OFSTED also said in their Inspection Report from October 2003 that...

  • "Teaching and learning ... are consistently good, sometimes outstanding and often inspires students to extend their learning."
  • "Advanced Chemistry courses, .... had high pass rates, ...".
  • "Over the last 3 years GNVQ Intermediate Science pass rates have remained high..."

What do you get out of it?

Success in Science can lead to a wide range of career opportunities:
Higher Education
Health Care

What courses can you take?

Science is hard work but that doesn't stop it being fun and interesting too! There are different routes to gaining a qualification:

Foundation GNVQ ... those interested in what things are like & how they work. Find out what science is and how it is used. It offers a choice of routes into further education and employment 2 GCSE's at Grade E-F in English & Mathematics
Intermediate GNVQ This course is designed to provide opportunities for students to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of science. 2 GCSE's at Grades A-D (including Mathematics) or Passes and Merits at Foundation GNVQ
Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education
This course will provide a broad-based programme of achievement for a range of careers in one of the many areas of science 4 GCSE's at Grades A-C (including English & Mathematics), or Double Certificate Science or Intermediate GNVQ in Science
A level Biology, Physics and Chemistry For students wanting to pursue an academic course in Advanced level Science Passes in GCSE English, Mathematics & Science (Double Award). Minimum of 5 GCSE's at Grade C or above to study 3 A levels.

Enfield College is located in Ponders End, connections by public transport to the rest of London are excellent.

What next?

If you are interested in gaining a worthwhile qualification in an interesting subject then give the Enfield College Course Information Line a call on: 020 8372 7600

Visit Enfield College website:

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